WST Free Lifetime Support Guarantee - HOW IT WORKS.


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WST Free Lifetime Support Guarantee - HOW IT WORKS.

Postby wsthost » Mon Dec 08, 2008 9:54 pm

Wall St. Training (WST) offers FREE lifetime support to all our customers, including former corporate training clients, public, open-enrollment seminars, online self-study (WSTSS) customers and individual clients.

Our free lifetime support is intended to provide a resource to the WST community and the general Wall Street and finance community which is why we keep the forum open and unlocked for the entire world to the read, even without registering. In order to take advantage of our free lifetime support, you need to register and that's also free. Our general policy is to answer former WST participants' questions as soon as we can (since this is free, please understand if we don't always answer immediately, we are trying!) We reserve the right not to respond or answer non-WST participants; however, anyone is free to answer any post.

All topics from financial modeling, finance, valuation, mergers, lbo's, careers - all are fair game even if you didn't take our course in that specific topic. However, if a topic is covered in detail in one of our courses, we will refer you to that specific course since our free lifetime support isn't meant to rehash our courses. That would be quite silly and ineffective. If you have any doubt, take a look at the questions already posted in our forums.

Our free lifetime support is NOT meant for WST to do your work or check your work. We will not review any electronic files (i.e. Excel models) and we won't open it; don't take a screen capture either and say help!! We think that's fair so that our policy isn't taken advantage of and so that we can continue to assist the WST community. Otherise, our normal consulting fees apply and yes, we do quite a bit of that for our clients.

Many of the times, particularly when the question relates to topics not covered in our course(s) scope, please don't be surprised if the response is that the topic is outside the scope of our free lifetime support. Our decision to answer the question really depends on the amount of time required. If within our general WST internal guidelines of 2-3 minutes MAX to respond, then chances are, we will respond. However, if longer time is required, for instance, 15-30 minutes, or again, if the question is an entire section from a different course or advanced course (whether or not online or public seminar or corporate only course) then it is definitely outside the scope of our free lifetime support. A separate session can be arranged with the correct WST Expert or Hamilton Lin directly, depending on the nature of the question and the internal content expert.

Thank you.
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